Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Website

Porlock Carnival now has a new website.
At the moment it's pretty much like the blog.
However there will be more updates & new events posted on the site.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Phil Weaver resigns as chairman

Phil Weaver steps down as Chairman of the Porlock Carnival Committee after years of loyal service and hard work.
We'd all thank Phil for his support and friendship over the years.
As owner of Sparkhayes Campsite, it was with Phil's kind permission that the Duck Race and various other events have been held there.
Phil is affectionately known as'Mr' Porlock', as he's involved in activities too numerous to mention, including the cricket club and WSR.
There is not a person in Porlock who doesn't know his name
and he is thought of with great affection by all.
However, we are pleased that Phil is going to stay on the committee, to keep a 'Fatherly eye' on proceedings.
So, once again, thank you Phil.

We'd also like to thank other committee leavers:

Former Deputy Chairperson Brian Starr
Former secretary Jean Davis
Former Treasurer Colin Sage
And committee member Linda Urry

Thank you all for your hard work and support over the years.

The Porlock Duck Race

To be held on 24th May 2009

One of the favourite fund raising events is the Duck Race.
Held annually in May (weather permitting), this has drawn crowds to Porlock for many years.

It is held on Sparkhayes Campsite, Sparkhayes Lane.

There is a barbecue, beer tent, ice cream van, teas, cakes and many more attractions.

The 'Ducks*' are numbered and pre sold before the race. There are several races during the day and 'Ducks' can be bought throughout the day. They are tipped into the water by a starter. As they make their way though the obstacles placed in the water, 'Thrashers' help them out if they get a little stuck.

Phil Weaver, owner of the site, gives a running commentary on the progress of your 'Duck' with his usual gusto and enthusiasm.

There prizes galore for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, plus raffle prizes.

* No Ducks are harmed during the event

2009 A Celebration

This year the Porlock Carnival celebrates it's twenty fifth year. So, we have even more reason to get out the party poppers and balloons.

We want this year to be a celebration to remember, ending with a carnival that everyone will be talking about for a long time to come.

But the Carnival committee can't do it alone. We need money raising ideas to bring in more funds. The annual and much loved Duck Race will go ahead in May (let's hope the weather doesn't let us down this year). We have collection pots dotted around the village, in the pubs and shops. So donations can be made anytime. On Carnival day we have collection buckets carried around with the procession. All the money raised from the Carnival goes to local charities including the much needed air ambulance, Minehead RNLI and Porlock Fire service. As well as youth groups, Pantomime Society and Visitor centre and many more. So the more we raise the more we can donate to these, and other needy causes.

Of course the Carnival doesn't fund itself. We have to pay for entrants, such as the Pipe band, Majorettes and Barrel Organ. Then there's licenses and permits, hiring the Village Hall, food and drink, and so the list goes on.
Last year we barely broke even, and this was not due to the lack of interest. On the contrary, Porlock villagers and visitors have always been lovers of the Carnival and the turnout was amazing considering the cold, wet weather. What we need is more ideas for raising money to fund the Carnival and that's where you come in. You don't have to join the committee, just put forward money raising suggestions either on this blog, in person or however you can. maybe you have an idea that we haven't come up with yet, whether it's a treasure hunt, themed dance, garden fete whatever it is, all ideas will be considered very carefully.
Come rain or shine this is going to be the best Carnival ever.